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Our Trades

JRJ through its extensive research and information networks in various parts of the World and through its partners and offices all around the world inform the buyers and sellers about right opportunity and current market scenario including prices, demand and supply to provide buyers to make informed decisions on when to buy and sell at best prices to aid our clients to make the most of any given opportunity.

Sand Blasting

This technique which is put to use extensively in petroleum industries across the globe requires abrasives. JRJ has an upper hand in sourcing Copper Slag which is apt for this industry. Any enquiries for the same are welcome.

Iron and Copper Smelting

In a World where any amount of Iron or copper would not suffice; there is a never ending demand for these metals. JRJ, along with our associates, is in a good position to source and supply HMS 1 & 2, Copper scrap and the like, from various parts of the globe.

Direct Reduced Iron/ Hot Briquetted Iron/ Sponge Iron

Sponge Iron is of great importance to any TMT rod or Rolling Steel industry. We have rolling requirements for this material. Good quality material from abroad [Iran preferably] is accepted too.


This rigid metal has taken the world by storm and has takers across civilizations. JRJ is venturing out into this trade as well and now has buyers for this metal as well.

Wheat and Wheat Hay stack

JRJ is well placed in the Indian market to source good quality wheat and have keen requirement for a steady quantity of baled wheat hay stacks in Asia for Agricultural purposes.

Building Wiring Cables

We have established relations with public Cable manufacturing companies in India and certain Sri Lankan market monopolies. JRJ can supply cables and the likes to any country.

Soya Beans

Have recurring demand for Asia and the USA.

About Us

JRJ has professionals and also tie ups with professionals who have deep knowledge on International Arbitration/Law, International /Marine insurance, shipping and logistics, Commodity Trading – hedging and arbitrage. The Company is a corporation where you get all your solutions at one Table related to International Trading.

Agro Products

Contact Us

JRJ Ventures have channel partners’ offices in various countries thereby aiding us in arranging quality control checks by our people with practical experience who have deep knowledge of the products and can be present at the time of loading to give a leading edge to the company and control the quality. JRJ also undertakes quality checks and inspection on behalf of the buyers and even can organize inspections and quality control checks at warehouses, loading point and port of shipment through our tie ups. JRJ is also exploring opportunities as an exclusive agent /distributor for India for many International companies and brands that have been or looking to establish operations and hence supplying their goods regularly for Indian market.